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What should I keep? | A Stylish Start for 2019 #StitchFix | January Unboxing & Try-On

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I received a StitchFix gift card as a gift! What do you think of this box? Is it a winner or should I #stylepass?

Clothing Reveal begins at 1:53
Try-On at 4:02

Thank you for watching and if you are new to StitchFix consider using a friend or YouTuber's referral code to help them and you earn a $25 credit! Here is mine: https://goo.gl/cJHu4Z. If you use it- thank you!

Box 5 Items:
Bancroft - Tazo Fireball Necklace and Earring Set, Silver $34
Brina & Em - Fanson Split Neck Blouse, White $46
Tailor Vintage - Marquesa Button Down Flannel, Beige $68
PINK CLOVER - Valencia Curved Hem Pullover, Burnt Orange $44
One5One - Caylee Buckle Detail Skinny Ponte Pant, Dark Green $39

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