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NEW Characters Confirmed and Dante Details | Devil May Cry 5 Final Trailer Breakdown

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In this video I breakdown the latest and FINAL Devil May Cry 5 trailer! We are a week away from release! So close!!!

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Link to the Devil May Cry 5 Final Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWxlbnI9mpU&t=36s

Several factors point Vergil to being this absolute mountain of a character is the fact that Vergil is clearly seen in the beginning of all these events reclaiming his sword by ripping off Nero’s arm. No one else would say I’m taking this back, and open a portal in that notorious stance. This has been speculation since E3, COME ON! KEEP UP! The puzzle starts falling together after you realize the events of the game take place 2 months after the reclamation of Yamato. About this time around one of the first missions Nero sees the Damage done from the Qliphoth and realizes this is CLEARLY the work of Yamato. Then we see Vergil dominating the humans and ruling with absolute power like he often pursues. In retrospect, this is very similar to DMC 3’s events. Except this time we see the Qliphoth taking the blood of the humans within Redgrave City not too unlike the vacant city of Devil May Cry 3 being invaded by Teminigrue.

We are then followed up by another cutscene of Dante, Lady and Trish going deeper within the tree and having Dante say, “Now I get to see it with my own eyes, if it’s really you.” Who? Who would he be referring to that specifically? Sounds like he knows a lot more than he lets on! This is near the beginning of the game, before our heroes are defeat from Urizen. This is when V came up to Morrison with the contract for Dante. Did V know Urizen is Vergil? That’s another rabbit hole so I’ll leave that one to you guys! Finally, one last thing we notice is Urizon’s arms being very similar to Nero’s devil arm. This is a bit of a stretch to callout seeing that all demons have similar spiky hands, but it’s interesting noticing the colors on this arm also being similar to Nero’s. Like it runs in the family.

Lastly, Urizen’s trailer lines have been reverbed by numerous content creators at this point so it’s become obvious that Dan Southworth, the voice of Vergil, is also voicing Urizen. The development of this game does not seem to be lacking in the funding field, so why use the same voice actor if not for recycling assets? This was clearly intentional, but rather Urizen is Vergil or a spawn created by him we are still unsure.

So if Vergil is Urizen, then why do we see him standing there at the end of the final trailer? Is he back into his natural form after his Urizen form being defeated? Is his body now just a shell to be used as a pawn? Or is it just fit better under theory number 2. Vergil is not Urizen but actually serves him? No doubt Vergil wants to stop Mundas after being enslaved by him from the ending of the 3rd game. But the last time we saw Vergil he was defeated in DMC 1. For once, we don’t know Vergil’s motivations at this point. PUN INTENDED! Moreover, it’s weird seeing that line from Vergil at the beginning of the game. [running out of time clip] What does this mean? Why is he running out of time? Did Vergil have to retrieve Yamato to give Urizen in order to be brought back? Is it possible in that regard, Urizen wanted Yamato to syphon it’s power for the Qliphoth? Hince, him having the same voice actor. It seems most things from the underworld are controlled what was from Sparda and Mundus, but also from the sons of sparda. Vergil thought he could control the underworld in DMC 3, but now is just a tool used for his sparda power by these under beings.

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