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An Enchanting Ensemble - Showcase Review & Giveaway | Dragalia Lost

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In today's video, I review every wyrmprint, dragon, and adventurer on the An Enchanting Ensemble showcase, and provide my advice about whether or not to summon on it.

Enter my giveaway for a $10 Google Play or iTunes gift card: https://gleam.io/competitions/4IouA-dragalia-foundry-an-enchanting-ensemble-giveaway

1:35 - Wyrmprints
8:41 - Dragons
11:00 - Energy
13:20 - Pia
16:32 - Vixel
19:58 - Lucretia
22:42 - Verdict

Corrections: The level cutoffs for Secret Friend are incorrect, since it's a 3*. This does not affect its stats or my opinion. A % sign is missing on Vixel's Skill Prep.

Thank you so much for watching!

Join the channel's community Discord to play together during the raid! https://discord.gg/tpBUyWE

Follow me on Twitter and submit your light team before December 3 for me to review on video! https://twitter.com/dragaliaf

Resources used:
Gamepress - https://dragalialost.gamepress.gg/
DL Wiki - https://dragalialost.gamepedia.com/Dragalia_Lost_Wiki

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